OHS Oven Humidity-Sensor

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Oven Humidity Measurement

When baking in tunnel- or thermo oil ovens, a product dependent climatic profile along length or the baking time is required apart from an even climate across the oven width. Only this way, breads and cakes can be reproducibly processed in the required quality. Although each baking oven is equipped with the necessary control and adjust equipment, quite frequently an optimal climatic adjustment cannot be found.



Reproduction of a profile for Ryebread with stationary

OHS-Humidity Sensors


Until a few years ago, the measuring of the baking room humidity by means of stationary humidity sensors was not possible because of exceedingly high costs and an inadequate thermal resistance against the aggressive baking room atmosphere. Often an immense maintenance and cleaning service during the operating of the sensors was necessary.
Nowadays, there are quite a number of different humidity sensors with various properties in the market. In baking ovens, sensors ought to be used which can survive without evacuating the baking room atmosphere, in order to avoid disturbances of the baking chamber atmosphere.
The OHS Oven-Humidity-Sensor is specially designed for long time use.
It is nearly maintenance free and used in a lot of bakeries worldwide.
By means of humidity sensors, the baking chamber humidity can be reliably and reproducibly set either manually or via SPS.




Technical data of OHS Oven Humidity Sensor:

- Indirect measurement according

   to the “oxygen displacement principle”,
- Therefore no evacuation of baking room air
- Effective range 0 – 100 VOL % H2O,
- Temperature range 100 – 350 °C,
- Standard length 800 mm,
- Special lengths available,
- Power supply 24 V DC or 85 to 250 VAC 

- Diameter 25  mm                                 
- Output signal 4 – 20 mA                              Sensors in a Cracker line OHS

- High temperature cable length of 3 m (standard)
- Evaluation unit 220 x 120 x 100 mm/IP-65
- Digital display optional
- Rugged
- Maintenance-free
- Long-term stable
- Economical





Humidity Control in "Proof & Bake" lines:

> 30 lines in Europe
> 50 lines in Northamerica and Canada
4 lines in Japan and China
4 line in South America
6 lines in Australia and New Zealand

Humidity-measurement and -control in tunnel- and vertical-ovens:

Lines in: Germany, Swizerland, France, Greece, Danmark, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Russia, England, Austria,

Saudi Arabia, Malta, Cyprus, Poland, USA, Canada, Chile, Brazil









Oven Humidity Sensor, evaluation unit with LED-display and mounting flange